x103.2 Soutache antique-gold 1/8" (3mm) - Price 5 yards Retail/1 yard wholesale

Yards on hand: 36

x103.2 Soutache antique-gold 1/8" (3mm) - PRICE PER 5 YARDS (RETAIL). Beautifully made soutache by a top European maker with a lovely rich patina. This discontinued color has black in the mix. (The new version, 103.2, does not have black.) Retail customers: adding 1 item of this soutache to your cart will give you five yards. Wholesale customers: add the 5 yard minimum (or more) to your cart for the five yards. 

Please note the second photo which shows the relative size of our two soutache offerings: #104 (3/16") and #103 (⅛"). European and Imperial sizes do not translate exactly. This trim is slightly under ⅛", so if you need a wider version, please see the wider version, #104.2.

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